Bailey girls hostel, Gujranwala

  • securitySecurity
  • waterFiltered Water
  • 6am - 11pm
  • wifiWifi
  • local_parkingParking
  • local_laundry_serviceLaundry Service

Paris in love

149 Gerardo Forks South Maci, MN 26250-0247

Facilities at Bailey girls hostel

    mess not available
    not furnished
  • Ups and generator
  • parking not available
    kitchen not available
    geyser not available
    heater not available
    air conditioner not available
    air cooler not available
    washing machine not available

Mess Menu

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
monday Paratha dahi Chicken nehari Aalo palak
tuesday Moli wala paratha Daal chawal Aalo palak
wednesday Breads chai Chicken palak Chicken haleem
thursday Paratha dahi Daal chawal Beef qeema
friday Moli wala paratha Biryani Chicken palak
saturday Alo paratha Aalo palak Daal chawal
sunday Breads chai Chicken haleem Mutter pulao

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- 09 Jan 23 -
by Talia Hintz.
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- 09 Jan 23 -
by Enos Lang.
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(2 %)
- 09 Jan 23 -
by Savanah Vandervort.
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